5 Must-Have Jewelry Trends for Summer 2015

With summer just around the corner, you’re probably ready for the warm, sunny weather and fun activities the season brings. Though you’re ready for summer, is your jewelry or retail store ready?

As the season quickly approaches, women everywhere will be looking to revamp their wardrobes for summer. Along with shopping for cute summer dresses, shorts and swimsuits, they’ll also be on the hunt for the top trends of costume jewelry to put the finishing touches on their outfits. To help your store get ready for summer, Olympia Gold has compiled a list of the top 5 must-have jewelry trends for summer:

    1. Nautical Jewelry – Nautical jewelry features elements of coastal life and truly embodies the aura of summer. Make sure your store is stocked with trendy and timeless nautical jewelry featuring popular designs like anchors, fish, seashells and starfish. From cocktail rings to statement necklaces to charm bracelets, nautical-themed jewelry will be a huge summer hit.
    1. Chunky Bracelets – Chunky bracelets are a stylish and classic style that fares well every season. Bangle bracelets and wrap bracelets took over the runaways at Spring Fashion Week, and they’ll also be sure to fill women’s jewelry boxes. Include a variety of chunky bracelets in your store, such as classic gold and silver bangles and bangles featuring bold summer colors.
    1. Pendants – Pendants of all shapes and sizes are another must-have jewelry trend for summer. Pendants are a great way to spice up an ordinary gold chain and create a fabulous statement piece. Plus, they are extremely versatile because they can be paired with almost any necklace.
    1. Chokers – Another necklace to sell in your store for summer is the choker. Chokers featuring colorful gems and bold metals are really in this season, as are classic gold and silver chokers. Chokers are a great piece for adding elegance or funk to an outfit.
    1. Fraternal Earrings – Fraternal earrings were the star of designer collections at Spring Fashion Week. Fraternal earrings are essentially a pair of mismatched earrings. Similar to fraternal twins, fraternal earrings represent the same style, while each piece offers something different and unique.

To stock your store with the hottest jewelry trends of the season, visit us online at OlympiaGold.com. We have the best costume jewelry and wholesale gold chains for summer.

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