Fashion Jewelry Trends for Fall 2016

With all the hype over the New York Fashion Week with the runway all a glitter with the huge bobbles and choker chains and bedazzled fingers of the fashion models, the outlook for jewelry seems to be the larger, the better. If you desire to have the current trends in jewelry for the fall, but can’t afford the price tags, then visiting a local costume jewelry wholesaler, or visit one of the online fashion jewelry websites, you may be able to get what you desire within your budget.

Wholesale fashion jewelry is less expensive but gives the most up to date trends available for those that want the current jewelry trends, but can’t afford the steep prices. Online fashion jewelry is also more affordable for those on a budget and will also give you the top trends along with several other options if your appetite for jewelry is a little different than the popular trendy options.

Huge Ear Pieces

The bigger, the better as far as earrings go. From the tea plate sized earrings to the shoulder dusting dangly bobbles that were all the rage on the runway in New York, you can find your passion in all the local or online costume jewelry wholesalers out there today.

Chokers and Chains

Choker necklaces and long and looping chains are popular again, but they need to be bold silver and gold and be very large to be in fashion. If you prefer the smaller more petite options, they too seem to be the current trend with the stars of Hollywood.

Rings and Finger Things

Stacking the bulky bold rings on each finger, from fingertip to palm, you want to layer them on. The bigger, the better and if you can find the solid pieced ribbed ring designs, you would be all the more trendy. Your online fashion jewelry buying options are very comparable and affordable.


If you enjoy all the fringe of a tassel, then you have the utmost in fashion jewelry sense. If you can put a tassel on a belt, earring or even a necklace, then you will be a trend setter. Tassels are trending on jewelry and accessories and the bigger, the better.

Eyeglass Chains

If you want to be in style, upgrading your eyeglass chains should be your first fashion decision for fall. From bulk bold colored boondoggle styles to solid gold or silver bands that hook to your hair or ears, you will be in style. The eyeglass chain is no longer a fashion statement for grandma, but for you to show you have style sense.

If you want all the fashion jewelry popular on the runway and in style for fall, but you can’t afford the higher priced options, visit your local costume jewelry wholesaler for their trendy but affordable offerings. The trendy jewelry today is geared towards costume jewelry so online fashion jewelry sites and wholesale fashion jewelry stores can offer you trendy styles without gouging your wallet.

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